Ideal world Season 1

Thank you for being here! Please find below some of the episodes that will be in Season 1.

Each episode contains interviews with all subjects and voiceover (not included in below clips). 

12 episodes per season

Episodes are 45 minutes each, with the exception of.. 

Conscious Eating  which has a part 1 and part 2

Remember: these clips are raw and untreated. They do not contain sound or voiceovers.

Instructions: the drive link contains raw unedited video and sound files

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who am i. (Hatha yoga)

The goal:
So…  “Who Am I?” through the exploration of Hatha Yoga and meditation, in our episode we invite viewers on a transformative journey of self-discovery and contemplation.

IMPACT: Inspire viewers to reflect on their own identity, encouraging a deeper exploration of self and fostering a connection between personal growth and the positive impact they can have on the world around them through the practice of Hatha Yoga.

Read to Grow

The goal:
Spotlight the “Read to Grow” foundation initiative who have donated over 1 million books in almost 100 countries, showcasing the impact of providing books to places with low literacy rates, ultimately promoting education and literacy.

IMPACT: Inspire viewers to recognize the transformative power of literacy for orphages like Casa Hogar, encouraging support for initiatives like “Read to Grow” that contribute to educational opportunities, empowerment, and community development in regions with limited access to books and educational resources.

Food Forest

The goal: Uncover the innovative concept of the Food Forest in the heart of Austin, Texas, showcasing sustainable urban agriculture practices and the importance of community-driven food initiatives , and the highs and lows of dealing with city laws.
IMPACT: Cultivate awareness about the significance of local, sustainable food sources, inspiring viewers to embrace community-driven agriculture models and fostering a sense of responsibility towards environmental and food sustainability in urban settings.

Conscious Eating

The goal:
To explore and highlight sustainable and conscious eating practices, fostering awareness of mindful food choices.


Inspire viewers to adopt environmentally-friendly and ethical eating habits, encouraging a shift towards a more sustainable food culture in communities.

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Recycling Project

The goal:
Illuminate the importance of recycling initiatives through ART in Ecuador and Zimbabwe, emphasizing the critical role of waste management in preserving the environment and safeguarding ecosystems.

IMPACT: Motivate viewers to actively engage in recycling efforts, fostering a deeper understanding of the why behind responsible waste disposal, and contributing to a reduction in environmental pollution while promoting a global culture of sustainability.

Ice Bath

The goal: What transformative power does embracing the cold hold for our well-being?” in the “Cold Water Therapy/Ice Bath” episode, exploring the physical and mental benefits of this invigorating practice.


Inspire viewers to reconsider preconceived notions about discomfort and challenge, fostering a deeper empathy for those who embark on the journey of cold water therapy. Encourage a collective shift in perspective, promoting understanding and appreciation for the physical and mental resilience cultivated through this practice, ultimately fostering a more empathetic and open-minded global community.

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big 5, wildlife conservation

The goal: What does the future hold for our planet’s majestic wildlife?” in the “Big 5” episode, unraveling the intricacies of wildlife conservation and the individual role in preserving Earth’s biodiversity.
IMPACT: Ignite a sense of responsibility and awareness among viewers, motivating them to consider their personal impact on wildlife conservation. By showcasing the challenges faced by the “Big 5” and the interconnectedness of all living beings, inspire viewers to actively contribute to the preservation of our planet’s diverse ecosystems.

lgbt refugees

The goal: Raise the question, “How can we create a more inclusive world for LGBTQ+ refugees?” in the “LGBT Refugees” episode, shedding light on the unique challenges faced by this community, particularly in the context of crossing dangerous borders, abuse, and emphasizing the role of acceptance and support.


IMPACT: Encourage viewers to reflect not only on the physical risks faced by LGBTQ+ refugees but also on the emotional and social hurdles they encounter. Inspire a profound sense of empathy and a commitment to letting go of biases, fostering a collective journey toward a more inclusive and compassionate world where the struggles of displaced individuals within the LGBTQ+ community are met with understanding, support, and acceptance.

warriors of action. woa!

The goal: Showcase Women of Action around the world doing badass things and making a positive impact on the world!
MILESTONES: 100+ women who are movers and shakers have been interviewed. From imprisoned freefom fighters, to pilots, street vendors, supermodels and politicians – plus all inbetween.


Release date: Jan 12 2024

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In Return


Over the past few years, I’ve worked closely with non-profits and charities, immersing myself in their daily activities and capturing their remarkable stories through video.

This project, which I call “Ideal World,” aims to shed light on various causes and inspire awareness and support.

In a world that seems to be going to sh*t people need hope…

..and there is indeed hope.

Emerging quietly from individual efforts to larger collective initiatives.

These positive changes, though often overlooked by mainstream media for lacking sensationalism, but it is happening.

It’s good ole’ pleasant awe inspiring efforts of humans consciously building a better world.

With my series, I hope to share stories that will create open awareness through the watcher.

Millions of viewers will witness the profound social impacts unfolding before them, serving as a catalyst to inspire them to make their positive mark on the world. In emphasizing our interconnectedness, I aim to convey the message that we are all one, collectively contributing to the tapestry of humanity.

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