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Yoga Union

Is yoga, union for everyone?

In this episode, we explore the essence of yoga beyond the mat. Yoga, meaning union, is spiritual discipline that unite  both body and mind.

But if you listen closely, voices begin to raise for inclusivity and representation.

Beyond trendy outfits and poses, yoga embodies a way of life rooted in ancient wisdom, epitomized by Patanjali’s eight limbs.

Celina goes undercover as a yogi around the world, to unravel yoga’s inclusivity across race, gender, and sexuality.

Key Moments

Funding for this episode is essential to facilitate transportation and logistical arrangements across six studios in six countries, enriching the narrative by capturing the diverse landscape of yoga practices worldwide.

Filming so far  has only taken place in Mexico and some US states 

Exploring yoga communities in various cultural settings adds depth and authenticity to our storytelling, highlighting regional influences and universal themes.

Beyond transportation, financing is needed for, filming permits, crew accommodation, and post-production editing to ensure high production quality and captivating storytelling.

Your support enables the creation of a transformative episode that celebrates the universal essence of yoga while addressing crucial issues of representation and diversity within the global yoga community.