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Lagoon Preservation

In this episode, we continue our journey of exploring and advocating for the preservation of lagoons, expanding our horizons beyond Mexico and Namibia to discover more of these vital ecosystems worldwide.

From the turquoise waters of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula to the dramatic landscapes of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast, we have witnessed the beauty and challenges facing lagoons firsthand. Now, we set our sights on new destinations, eager to delve deeper into the diverse landscapes and cultures that depend on these fragile environments.

Key Moments

Funding will support travel expenses, equipment procurement, and logistical arrangements necessary to conduct comprehensive filming in various lagoons worldwide.

It will also facilitate engagement with local communities, scientists, and conservationists to gain insights into the intricate relationships between people and lagoons and to document ongoing conservation efforts.

Additionally, funding will contribute to post-production activities, including editing, sound design, and distribution, to ensure that our documentary reaches a wide audience and inspires action for the protection and preservation of lagoons globally. By securing funding, we can amplify the voices of these unique ecosystems and advocate for their conservation on a global platform.